Cruise Parking in Southampton for your Winter Cruise

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It goes without saying that British weather is unpredictable at best during the summer months, let alone the winter months. As we are often faced with a few months of cold winds and rain, it’s no surprise that many people decide to get away during the winter. Southampton is the UK’s biggest cruise port and during the winter months, it is extremely busy with people looking to sun themselves on a winter cruise.

Whilst it is enough for some people to get away from the British winter for just a few days on a short cruise, some people like to get away from the cold for as long as possible on lengthy cruises. If you are looking to change your day to day routine and escape to the sun this winter, you’ll no doubt want to make all arrangements for your holiday a long way in advance. From booking your cruise tickets to paying for your winter cruise car parking, it’s always best to be organised a long time before you go away to make sure you aren’t rushing around in the week before you leave.

winter cruise parking


Whilst cruise parking is usually available right next to the docks, this isn’t necessarily the best option. Although you may feel that parking as close to the cruise terminal as possible would save you time and effort, this isn’t often the case:

  • Car parking next to the terminal is likely to be expensive due to the high demand of parking spaces.
  • Car park booking is also likely to fill up quickly due to the demand for parking as close to the terminal as possible.
  • On the day of parking and the day you collect your car, you may be subjected to queues to park your car or leave the carpark.

Rather than stressing over finding a cruise terminal parking space, you could benefit by choosing a cruise parking centre a little further away:

  • Choose a car park which is safe and secure 24 hours a day.
  • You can rest assured that you are more likely to be able to book car parking without having to book months and months before your winter getaway.
  • The chances are that you will actually get to your terminal quicker – once you are parked up, luxury transfer vehicles can drop you and your luggage off right next to the terminal. There’s no need to queue up to park, only to have to lug your luggage all the way across a car park to the correct terminal.
  • Cruise parking is undoubtedly cheaper if you choose to park just a few minutes away from the terminal. If you are planning on getting away for as long as possible on lengthy cruise, or are considering staying over in a particular location before you decide to travel back, parking rates are cheaper for long stays, allowing you to spend your money on your holiday, rather than car parking.

If the British winter gets you down and you are considering a winter cruise to escape the wet and windy weather, consider the benefits of off-terminal cruise parking and call Airlynx Parking on 02380 748961 or email for more information.

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